BioSzentandrás 2010-2012

A small community could become to an organic village in Abaúj: Hernádszentandrás
The Council of the town of Hernádszentandrás has been advertised the organic garden farming program.
The primary goal was to start a program which allows self-sufficiency and supplements to the low incomes. People who  take a part in this project grow vegetables together and also can learn the basics of the garden-tillage and how to make healthy meal.
Anybody could apply for this program who undertook the followings:
- to attend in the training every weekend
- to care about their own garden
- to work in the sample garden
As a result of this selection process 30 participants can learn the basics of the theoretical and practical organic farming. During 18 months they work in the sample garden and their own garden too.
The project's accomplisher is the Council of the town of Hernádszentandrás and the professional background has been granted by Matthew Hayes lecturer.
The participants can acquire the knowledge about this program and also they get permanent supervision and guidance.
In the gardens - after the necessary soil preparations we did sowing, set up foil tents and beside careful work the weather should support them and hopefully the plants will start to grow.
On the 6 square metres ground where the sample garden can be found is a kind point of the centre of the village which is a comfortable place for the greenhouse and outdoor plants.
Come and take a look!
Gábor Üveges
e-mail: uvegesg@freemail.hu